Chic Productions has become a powerhouse in the wedding and event industry that inspires both our clients and our peers. We’ve worked with some pretty amazing people along the way (ranging from Fortune 100 CEOs to NFL Players to TV Stars to really great people that are celebrating life’s most precious moments) who have trusted us with creating the setting and experience for their wedding or event. We’ve honed our skills over nearly 20 years from doing what we do and feel it important to elevate the industry as a way to pay it forward.

Our business has four primary focuses that are complimentary to each other. We coordinate and design weddings, events and experiences and inspire our peers through motivation, education and speaking. Who would have thought that a small idea would turn into this amazing opportunity to impact the world?


We often are asked if we are certified project managers because of our methods and systems that make planning simple and fun. We’ve managed millions of dollars spent on celebrations and hundreds of different teams that serve our clients. All with one thing in mind…achieving greatness.


One of our talents is creating appealing settings for special moments to occur within. Together with our team of Creative Partners, we can produce anything you can imagine to immerse your guests into your wedding or event. It is so much fun to see people’s eyes light up when you get to do “something different” than what is currently trending that maximizes their creativity and skill set.


Wendy began speaking to global audiences of wedding and event professionals in 2008. She inspires people to create better experiences, energizes them to think outside of the box and helps them to see their business for what it really is…a business and not an expensive hobby. She also started out as a guest speaker in a college class ending up teaching in the School of Hospitality in two different college programs for five years.

Michelle also speaks to wedding and event professionals bringing her background in hospitality to the stage. She empowers audiences to maximize relationships and teamwork.


We all need motivation and inspiration in our daily lives, particularly when many wedding and event professionals work anywhere from 12-18 hour days. While it is fun and interesting to do what we do, it definitely takes a toll on our personal lives. Staying motivated reminds us about why we do what we do and keeps us from getting burned out, so we can continue creating happiness in the world.