Welcome To Chic Productions!

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Welcome to the 6th generation Chic Productions website!

I have a story to tell you. I was at Disneyland enjoying their afternoon tea (which I recommend to any tea lover as their collection and service was outstanding) when I got a text from a photographer that my website had been hacked. (The dreaded words to anyone that owns a website.) Yes, hacked.

As soon as we returned from our lovely afternoon talking about the joys of life and what was on the horizon for us, I got on the phone with my hosting service to see how bad things were (as we were selling female “medicine” in every language on every page.) It turns out my root file was corrupt and everything was compromised. Lovely.

I had taken all of the precautions I thought necessary to secure my site, I evenn had “Fort Knox” software that was supposed to protect my site from being compromised. The one thing I did wrong was used the default username (Admin) which opened the door partway to website hacking software. (Truth be told, I’d love to inspire hackers to redirect their efforts into improving the world instead of destroying it.)

Needless to say, I had to start from square one for the 6th time on this website. Thank goodness I’ve learned enough about coding and WordPress to navigate through the rebuild quickly without adding to the over $10k I’ve spent on websites and programming in the past. But instead of seeing it as a negative, I turned it into a positive, giving the site a facelift and adding in tools to help our clients (and potential clients) create better designs, showcasing our latest adventures and starting a new story.

So…hello again! It is great to be back better than ever! I can’t wait to share everything we’ve been up to!