I knew after meeting Rebecca and her Mom that Ashish was a lucky man. These two ladies had such poise and grace it is no wonder they wanted to have the wedding at the Richard Nixon Library where the reception is made in a replica of the East Room from The White House. The Rose Garden is also lovely and large enough to host a few hundred guests.

Since it was so warm, we ordered canopies to cover the guests while they sat outside and had extra refreshments on hand to be sure no one got too warm wrapped up in their saris. It was perfect, a lovely breeze blew through the garden making it comfortable enough for everyone to enjoy a heartfelt ceremony where Rebecca’s family got to experience everything under the mandap.

For the reception, Rebecca and Ashish changed into a white wedding gown and tuxedo to celebrate in the “Western Way.” What a fun day for everyone involved! Just look at Rebecca’s lit up face as they hoisted her up over the dance floor!

Photo Credit: Jim Kennedy Photographers