This was one of my favorite weddings of all time. Four days of happiness…so much happiness my feet swelled up so big I couldn’t fit them back into my shoes on the last day, two hours shy of the end. Day one was on a yacht in Newport Beach where we had a welcome party for everyone in town for the wedding. Days 2-4 were all at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach. We had so many events happening, we created a tri-fold agenda with a numbered map to keep the guests straight on where they had to be and when.

This wedding was a stunner. Everything about it was expertly created to the couple’s vision. From start to finish, the guests were in awe. It was no doubt that one of the most memorable parts of the wedding day was the sled dog Baraat. We did it at Huntington City Beach right in front of the Hyatt. Everyone from the beach and hotel came to watch. It was such a sight watching the dogs pull Prashant behind in his golden chariot.

We had a lot of logistics and shifts of vendor teams that came day after day. It was fun to be the constant person that was there for the duration. We were always one step ahead of the fun, ensuring each area was ready before the guests would arrive. And the food…was heavenly! Instead of feeding everyone Indian food for 4 days, we switched it up and served a global menu shifting from the Kogi BBQ Food truck to Dosa to Mexican and everything in between. It was awesome!

I worked with Neeli using our focused planning trips and did the leg work while she was off in medical school on the other side of the country. What fun I have cheering her on through Facebook to graduate, go into practice and start her family. There are some people you work with that become your friends for life. (And people are still talking about the Huskies!)