Palm Springs Estate Weddings – How To Handle the 10PM Curfew

Palm Springs Estate Wedding - Chic Productions

Palm Springs, and the surrounding cities in the desert, have a very strict 10PM curfew for events taking place outside. The curfew applies to both the sound levels and disturbing the surrounding neighbors at the end of the evening. (And we have experienced a few nasty neighbors who call and complain to the police all day long…from the first truck unloading equipment in the morning, to the last person saying their goodbyes from across the street at the end of the wedding.)

Which really stinks for awesome couples that just want to have a good time (as they should) on their wedding day!

If you do your part and get an event permit, along with working with a wedding planner, you’re frustrations dealing with neighbors will be limited. The event permit actually protects you from complaining neighbors as long as you follow the rules. At present the three big rules are:

  1. Outside sound can only be ambient sound not exceeding 60 decibels and must be turned off by 9:30PM.
  2. Guests must exit the premises on or before 10:00PM (particularly in the City of Palm Springs. Outside of that city, music can end at 10PM or even 11PM.)
  3. Ensuring the city has your Event Plan including delivery and pick-up times for the trucks that manage all of the rentals you need for the wedding. (So if complaint calls come in, they don’t need to send anyone out to check on it, they already know what is happening.)

Palm Springs is the strictest at enforcing these rules as they have created an ordinance known as the “Palm Springs Noise Restriction Ordinance” which enables them to throw the book at anyone who breaks their rules. They have also created the “Palm Springs Good Neighbor Hotline” which makes it easy for anyone in the city to complain. (Just great for those of us who like to celebrate life, right?!)

Never fear, we’ve planned a whole lot of estate weddings that end late. Here is what we’ve done to make that happen:

  1. Have an after party at a local hotel or bar (There are a bunch to choose from)
  2. If there is an inside space at the estate, move the party inside
  3. Don’t hire a band for an estate wedding (even their acoustic sounds are louder than 60 decibels.)
  4. Start earlier. Most wedding celebrations last around 8 hours. If you need to end by 10, start at 2. (And remember the sun sets behind the mountain a full hour prior to sunset, so it gets dark in time for dinner.)

Just because there is an early sound ordinance, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a Palm Springs estate wedding. Just let go of the “traditional” feel of what happens at hotels, and enjoy a more relaxed vibe at an estate.

Photo Credit: Randy + Ashley