Palm Springs Estate Weddings–Estates vs. Hotels & Clubs

Are you trying to decide if you should have your Palm Springs wedding at an estate versus a club or hotel? We’ve created a nifty matrix to help you make your decision, so you don’t get blind-sided later on. Once you understand the differences between Palm Springs Estate weddings versus Hotels and Clubs, you’ll make smarter planning choices.

Chic Productions Estate Hotel Club Matrix

*The equipment section needs a little explaining don’t you think? Equipment means everything you’ll need for your wedding. (Tables, chairs, linens, flatware, glassware, bars, kitchen equipment, dance floor, etc.) Estates typically don’t have any of these items in their inventory, where hotels and clubs do. I’ve created the term “Standards” for hotels and clubs as they each have a standard set of these items. Standard items are unique to each venue, but automatically come with your event fee.

We hope this comparison chart helps you understand a little more about what actually goes into having your wedding at an estate. (And why hiring experienced Palm Springs Wedding Planners that have done hundreds of desert weddings will make planning your wedding easy and fun!)

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