5 Tips For A Great Estate Wedding In Palm Springs

5 Tips For A Great Estate Wedding

We love planning weddings at estates in Palm Springs and have learned some things along the way that will be helpful to couples. Here are five tips for a great estate wedding in Palm Springs (or most other locations) that will help you have an easier wedding day:

  1. Order rentals carefully. It is always a good idea to have a few extra of pretty much everything on hand. Always have your caterer confirm the quantities of the items needed for food service. You definitely want to have enough plates and forks for your guests to enjoy that gorgeous cake you ordered!
  2. You Need A Kitchen – This is the off-site kitchen your caterer will need in order to prepare food. (Most estates won’t allow use of the kitchen.) This means ovens, hot boxes, food prep tables and whatever else the caterer will need to cook your food and clear the used dishes.) Don’t forget to order Astroturf to protect the ground under the field kitchen.
  3. Think about the bathrooms – Are there enough existing in the estate to handle your size of wedding? And be sure to bring the toilet paper, paper hand towels and trash bags. It may even be good to have a bathroom attendant to clean up and refresh supplies.
  4. Know about sound ordinances (In Palm Springs it is 10PM). Click here for an entire post about the sound ordinance in Palm Springs.
  5. Plan for the trash removal – This one gets overlooked quite often. Be absolutely certain that every vendor disposes of their own trash. If anyone leaves trash behind, you are responsible for the cleaning fee to resolve it. (Renting a dumpster is easy and inexpensive. Just make it easy for yourself and do this.) If you know you’ll have trash left behind, most estates have a trash fee you can pay to have them handle everything.

If this sounds like something you don’t want to deal with, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done estate weddings in Palm Springs for over a decade and have worked everything down to a science. Just remember to hire your wedding planner early because the City of Palm Springs has new requirements for weddings at estates.

Photo Credit: Randy + Ashley