Wendy Dahl - Wedding Industry Speaker


Every industry needs a cheerleader, and that is something I am very good at. Since the inception of Chic Productions I’ve been serving and working with wedding professionals from around the world. We are a rare form of entrepreneurs and business teams because even though what we do is highly creative, the left-brain skills are often lacking. Enter in Motivation for Wedding Pros, a unique idea that supports creatives in the wedding industry.

Why Do Wedding Pros Need Motivation?

What does this mean? Wedding professionals are very good at making their clients happy, but not as good at charging the right amount for the value they provide. They may be pros at designing things but not good at systems and processes that support a business.

My Role In Motivation For Wedding Pros

My role is to elevate the industry. The way we operate, the ethical standards, the skills we have in creating happiness both for the teams we work in and for our clients. Sure we have organizations that tell us we need these things, but who is really DOING anything to help people achieve that? (You guessed it! I’m all over that motivation stuff!)

How It All Began

It all began over a decade ago when I served on my first wedding association board, then it intensified when I taught college-level classes, and then even more intense as I began speaking around the country. It’s like this fire of happiness + success that has started and is spreading its way around the industry. I love what I do. It feeds my family and brings me joy. I want the same for you!

How You Can Join In The Fun

This is a project that supports not just the couples and wedding pros we work with, but all of the wedding pros out there. If you are working with someone that has awesome work, but awful business skills or feels like there is no life left in them, send them over to this page or to our social media ( Facebook and Instagram.) Maybe they’ll make some improvements by your wedding day! And if you are running a group of wedding professionals, whether it is privately or with an association, I can come to you (during the week) to motivate them!