If you’ve ever been to The Breakers in Florida, you’ve left part of your heart there. That resort has to be one of my favorites both to work at and to visit. The staff that works there knows exactly what anticipatory service is and how to over deliver. And because it is drop dead gorgeous from the moment you turn into the drive, who wouldn’t want to return there often?

The Association of Club Catering Professionals is a long-standing client of ours that involves us with designing the conference. It wasn’t hard to do at The Breakers, even though it is on the opposite side of the country. Everything fell perfectly into place and was implemented flawlessly.

No boring conferences here! I remember one of the speakers walking into the room commenting on how he’d never seen something so pretty before. True…you may not find a conference designer fashioning many of the events off of Lily Pulitzer. Why not? You’re in Florida! It was easy to incorporate fresh, vivid colors with the conference color palette, that is for sure.