They Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach was the perfect location for our dream clients Savannah and Cody. They came to us after seeing so many friends’ weddings wanting something very different. We got to play with new linens, new lighting concepts and COLOR to pull together their one-of-a-kind wedding celebration. That was just the design. This wedding was filled with special moments created just for them. Everyone on the Wedding Team who worked this wedding kept saying how great it was to be able to fully showcase their talents. We love when clients trust the pros to do what they do best, and this wedding is one that is still talked about. It has been published in Ceremony magazine TWICE! At the end of the reception, I was standing next to Savannah’s Mom who was in tears because the perfect wedding we’d spent so long planning was over. What a great day for this Orange County Wedding Planner and everyone else involved!

Photographer: Drop It Modern