Mocktails – Mock Cocktails For Non-Alcoholic Bars


Introducing…. the Mocktail Bar! Just what is a mocktail bar? You serve all of the fun and flirty drinks people are accustomed to drinking, just with no alcohol! Sure they have the same look, and the same sexy glass, but they don’t get your guests trashed. (Trust me, we wedding planners appreciate when the guests are not getting sick on us because they have consumed too much alcohol and not enough food.)

Some ideas of when to have a Mocktail Bar:

  • If you have a morning ceremony followed immediately by a cocktail reception.
  • If you have a pre-ceremony reception. (Some Officiants won’t even perform the ceremony if they smell alcohol on you!)
  • If your wedding falls in the warm summer months and your guests will need extra hydration without the alcohol.
  • Serve them with your late night snacks.
  • For your younger guests…those tweens and teens REALLY appreciate being able to drink something more “grown up” than a Shirley Temple.

Curious about some of the cool drinks you can serve? Here are some great links to get you Mocktail Bar started!


Strawberry Mint Soda

Mock Champagne

Pina Colada

Mint Julep

Raspberry Fizzler

Can you have both an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic bar? Absolutely! That is one of those “best-case scenarios” because both those who drink and those who don’t get to sip on something splendid!

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